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Friday, December 15th 2006

9:56 PM

It's been a while

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An emotional week to conclude an emotional and evntful year.
I often think of writing more but alas jsut don't seem to have the time but here I ma tonight with a mile of work wating but a lot I needed to get off my chest.

This has been a huge year for the family with lots of special birthdays and celebrations. My eldest daughte was 30, my sister 40, I tunred 50 and my 2 youngest sons clebrated 21 and 18 birthdays. One of my brothers and my youngest sister both became engaged so ther are 2 weddings next year. My eledest son and his wife have a new son and an off again on again marrige. Nicole who gave birth to Natteisha last year, is expecting again adn we have a new kitten.

The big thing over the last week thoguh is that my youngest son has jsut graduated from school.
Those of you who have read my past blogs will be familiar with Thomas, he is the subject of most of my infrequient postings. Thomas has mutliple disabilities and truned 18 just a few months ago. This is quite a milestone and a major turnign point for him.

He has been a student at the Alice Betteridge school for children with multiple disabilites, run by the Institute for Deaf and Blind Children at North Rocks, Sydney, Australia. It is one of the finest schools anywhere for children with sensory impairments. For Thomas and our family it has been the rock for the past 16 years.
Thomas began on the homestart program when he was jsut 2 years old and then began at the school part time at 4 and a half.

The staff have always been a source of support for all of us but also dedicated and caring human beings. It is hard to put in words how these wonderful people have impacted on all of our lives over the past 16 years.

We are so lucky that there is such a place in existance that cares for children like Thomas and looks at them as children with specail needs, rather than as their disability.

My son is a beautiful soul and he has had such an impact on the lives of those he has touched. AS an astrologer I see in his chart that he came to earht to be a teacher and it is amazing how he has done that over the years. He has limited verbal communication but shows that action does speak louder than words and somtimes just'being' is all you need.

It is another of those times though, when I see the difference between thomas and his siblings. When they all graduated it was a joyous time, filled with hope and expectation. For Thomas it si a time filled with sadness and dread. Sadness that he is leaving the security he has known for most of his live and dread of what is out there waiting.

We are going through the trial and tribulaitions now of finding a suitable post school prgram for him and that is proving very difficult. We thought we had found the perfect one in a Steiner based program but they rang today to say they have no vacancies, and I hate to settle for soemthing else that I know is not going to be the 'right' thing for Thomas.

I guess I have to have faith and 'put it out there', in the hopes that he will be provided for.

I suppose I should be grateful for the positives, at least we don't have to worry about him joining the unemployment line.

Well I guess that is enough rambling for now, thankyou for listening and may you find peace and love in your life.

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